18 NGO employees involved in ‘missionary activities’ arrested

The government spokesperson of Ghor province has accused these people of being involved in missionary activities in their statement.

Taliban officials in Afghanistan said Saturday they had arrested at least 18 members of an international non-governmental organization  , including an American woman.

The leaders of the Afghan Taliban have accused these people of being involved in missionary activities in their statement.

The International Assistance Mission (IAM) has confirmed that its staff were arrested from its office in Ghor province in central Afghanistan and flown to the capital, Kabul.

Ghor province government spokesman Abdulwahid Hamas Ghori told AFP that security and intelligence forces had been monitoring the group for some time.

“The obtained documents and audios show that the crew was inviting people to accept Christianity,” he said without elaborating.

He says that ’21 people were arrested, including an American woman.’

The IAM had earlier said in a statement that 18 people, including a ‘foreigner’, were detained, and that they had no information on the nature of the charges.

The American woman and Afghan staff members were first detained on September 3, followed by 15 more Afghan employees on Wednesday.

“If any allegations are made against our organization or any staff member, we will independently review any evidence presented,” the NGO added.

The IAM website states that the organization is founded on Christian values, but does not provide aid based on political or religious beliefs.

“We value and respect local customs and cultures,” the Swiss-registered group said in a statement on Saturday.

The IAM has been active in Afghanistan since 1966 and has worked under previous Shahi, Communist and Taliban regimes.

During its work in Afghanistan, the organization specialized in eye care and has since provided services in other areas of health and education.

In 2010, 10 IAM medical personnel, including eight foreigners, were shot dead in an attack in northern Afghanistan.

At the time, there were differing views on the motive behind the attack and the police said it was a possible robbery.

However, two militant groups have claimed responsibility for the attack, including Taliban leaders. who said that this medical staff was a missionary. These men were also accused of acting as military spies.

Since the Taliban returned to power in August 2021, Taliban authorities have detained dozens of foreigners, including many from Western countries.

Taliban rulers have imposed a variety of restrictions on Afghan citizens, including preventing women from working for NGOs and the United Nations.

While teenage girls and women are also banned from entering schools and universities.

Pakistan : Qazi Faiz Isa will take oath as Chief Justice of Supreme Court today

According to analysts, ensuring the impartiality of the judiciary and adjudicating pending political applications will be two of the main challenges facing the new chief justice.

Justice Qazi Faiz Isa will hear the bill challenging the Supreme Court (Practice and Procedure) Act, 2023 on Monday, the first day of assuming charge.

Under this bill, benches on constitutional matters of public importance will be constituted by a committee of three senior judges.

According to lawyers and legal experts, Qazi Faiz Isa currently has several challenges awaiting his justice.

These channels include ensuring the impartiality of the judiciary, the issue of references against judges in the Supreme Judicial Council, decisions on pending political petitions, the issue of appointment of judges to the Supreme Court and the seemingly nascent lawyers’ movement. In this regard, eyes are focused on the new Chief Justice.

An eight-member bench headed by outgoing Chief Justice Umar Atta Bandial had on April 13 suspended the application of the Supreme Court (Practice and Procedure) Act, 2023.

Justice Qazi Faiz Isa is taking oath at a time when there is widespread criticism that the process of constitution of benches comprising of specific judges is a question mark on the efficiency of the higher judiciary.

The biggest challenge for Qazi Faiz Isa as Chief Justice of Pakistan during his tenure will be to unify the judiciary and restore its credibility so that confidence in judicial decisions can be restored.

The commission, headed by Justice Qazi Faiz Isa, had earlier questioned the constitution of a bench that was hearing six challenges against the probe body set up to probe the audio leaks.

He said that the bench to hear the matter was not determined by a three-member committee of judges as required by law.

Earlier, Justice Qazi Faiz Isa had on June 3 decided not to sit in a nine-member bench that was hearing cases against civilians in military courts.

He had said that he did not want to violate the suspension of the law. Those benches will not sit until the court has made a decision on the law of practice and procedure.

India : Firing stopped in Anantnag after almost 100 hours, but army operation is not over

The firing between the army and terrorists in Anantnag has stopped at present. Let us tell you that there was continuous firing from both the sides for the past 100 minutes. The army has still surrounded the entire area. And intensive investigation campaign is going on.

Firing between army and terrorists in Anantnag has stopped for the time being

New Delhi:The encounter that has been going on for more than 100 hours between the army and terrorists in Anantnag, Jammu and Kashmir has currently stopped. The firing has been stopped after about 100 hours but the army operation is not over yet. The continuous rain has also affected the army’s search operation. In fact, due to rain, terrorists get a chance to hide and the search also becomes more difficult. Even though the firing has been stopped, the terrorists are being continuously monitored with quadcopters and drones. Now there has been no firing from the terrorists. 

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Terrorists are hiding in the dense forest

Till now it is not known whether all the terrorists have been killed, are hiding in a cave on the hill or have fled away. The army is using high-end technology to kill terrorists. Let us tell you that the army is running its search operation in this area, it is a dense forest area. This entire area is full of hills and ditches. This area is connected to the Pir Panjal hills. The army has cordoned off the area of ​​action, that is, it has cordoned off an area of ​​one and a half to two kilometers.

Let us tell you that the search operation is going on continuously since late night on Tuesday. However, after about 100 hours the firing was stopped on Saturday night. Army Colonel Manpreet Singh, Major Ashish and Jammu and Kashmir Police DSP Humayun Bhatt were martyred in the firing by terrorists on Tuesday-Wednesday. Since then continuous encounter is going on. It is suspected that two to three Lashkar terrorists are hiding in the cave on the hill.

Senior army officers have kept an eye on the operation

Senior officers like Northern Command Commander Lieutenant General Upendra Dwivedi and Chinar Corps GOC Lieutenant General Rajiv Ghai are keeping an eye on the action being taken against the terrorists. These officers have also visited the encounter site and taken stock of the situation. In April this year, terrorists had ambushed an army vehicle in Bhataduriyan. Five army soldiers were martyred in this terrorist attack. Later, taking advantage of the dense forest and ditch, the terrorists escaped from there.

‘Terrorists are following the new trend, we have to be prepared’

Former Jammu and Kashmir DGP SP Vaidya told NDTV, “Now a new trend is visible, which is visible in Rajouri Poonch. Terrorists are using dense forests. Terrorists are avoiding attacks in residential areas. Hilly areas and forests. Hide out should be made in India. The army should be harmed and then they should try to escape from there. The encounter should be prolonged for three or four days so that the international media can watch it. I think there has been a change in the strategy and accordingly we should Have to be prepared.”(NDTV)