After a long, crazy chase and a rich reward British police arrest a former soldier who escaped from a London prison

After a long, crazy chase and a rich reward British police arrest a former soldier who escaped from a London prison

British police announced on Saturday the arrest of a former soldier who escaped from a London prison earlier this week, sparking a manhunt across the country.

The police said in a tweet: “Metropolitan Police officers arrested Daniel Khalifa. Officers arrested him before 11 a.m. today in the Chiswick area, and he is currently in police custody.”

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, who is currently in India to attend the G20 summit, told British media that he was “very pleased with the news.”

He added, “I extend my thanks to the police officers for their wonderful work over the past two days.”

The 21-year-old former soldier escaped from Wandsworth prison in south London on Wednesday morning, possibly by clinging to the bottom of a delivery truck.

His disappearance led to a major manhunt, with additional security inspection raids being conducted at ports and airports amid fears that he would attempt to flee the country. The authorities also allocated 20,000 pounds sterling to anyone who provides information about his whereabouts.

But after being spotted in southwest London, he was arrested in Chiswick on Saturday.

He last appeared before court in London on January 28, and was detained in pretrial detention in connection with two incidents at the Royal Air Force Base in Stafford in central England, near the army barracks where he was staying.

Khalifa was charged with “attempting to obtain information potentially useful to a person committing or preparing a terrorist act” in August 2021.

He was also accused of being behind a bomb hoax, by placing a suspicious device at an RAF base on January 2. 

He was due to appear at Woolwich Crown Court, attached to Belmarsh Prison, on November 13.


The Guardian : Talks about an American state that wants to secede from the United States

The British newspaper “The Guardian” said that the forest fires that struck Hawaii last August exacerbated the state’s situation and increased its residents’ desire for independence from the United States.

The article added: “The indigenous Hawaiian people’s struggle for sovereignty gained new intensity and strength after August wildfires burned West Maui. Indigenous activists stress that Hawaii’s independence and its return as a self-sufficient island is the only way to preserve it for children and grandchildren.”

The article stated that the fires destroyed many homes and displaced more than ten thousand Hawaii residents, while the average value of housing in Hawaii exceeds one million US dollars.

The newspaper quoted Tamara Baltin, a member of the West Maui County Council, as saying that Hawaii legislators have little ability to alleviate the housing crisis that has hit indigenous people hard.

“If the occupation ends, Hawaii will be able to govern itself like other countries,” Tamara Baltin added.

The forest fire began on August 9 on the island of Maui in the US state of Hawaii. Due to strong winds, the fire quickly spread to the tourist city of Lahaina, which burned completely. At least 4.5 thousand people remained without housing. There are 114 known deaths. More than a thousand people are listed as missing.

Moscow : Russia sends 20 tons of humanitarian aid to those affected by the Myanmar floods

The Russian Foreign Ministry reported, in a statement on Saturday, that Russia had sent more than 20 tons of humanitarian aid to Myanmar to help residents affected by the floods.

The ministry said in its statement: “In implementation of the instructions of the Russian government, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, provided humanitarian aid to residents of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar who suffered from the consequences of the tropical cyclone and floods recently. On September 9, a Russian Il-76 plane transported more than 20 tons of goods to Yangon, including food, basic necessities and tents, as well as equipment for rescue and restoration operations.”

The Ministry indicated that providing this payment aims to help normalize the humanitarian situation and eliminate the consequences of the natural disaster in Myanmar.