After the Liverpool coach's appeals to the football authorities, the Saudi Federation ends the controversy over the transfer market

After the Liverpool coach’s appeals to the football authorities, the Saudi Federation ends the controversy over the transfer market

The Saudi Football Association announced on Monday that the summer transfer period in the local league will end on September 7.

And the Saudi Federation and the Saudi Football League issued a joint statement on Monday, saying, “As we informed the clubs in Saudi Arabia on June 30, registrations for player transfers to the Saudi League will close on Thursday, September 7.”

The Saudi Federation’s announcement came after the confusion about the specified period for the transfer market in Saudi Arabia, especially since the transfer calendar on the FIFA website indicated the end of the transfer market in Saudi Arabia on the 20th of this month.

The Saudi Federation also issued this statement, about a month after Liverpool coach, German Jurgen Klopp , expressed his concern about the harmful repercussions of the summer transfer calendar in Saudi Arabia, appealing to the football authorities to find a solution to it at a time when European clubs are witnessing the displacement of their players to the Gulf Kingdom with attractive salaries. .

The German coach explained that the worst of all is that the transfer window in Saudi Arabia does not close until three weeks after its end on the European continent. “FIFA and UEFA must find a solution to this matter.”

Since the beginning of this year, Saudi clubs have signed more than one international star, most notably Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo, who moved to Al-Nassr. Then he was followed by French striker Karim Benzema, the best player in the world last year, and Brazilian Neymar, and other stars such as Brazilian Roberto Firmino and former Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson.

“This has definitely had an impact on us,” Klopp added. “We have to learn how to manage this.”

The name of the Egyptian Mohamed Salah, the Liverpool striker, has also recently been linked to rumors about the possibility of his move to Saudi Arabia. It is believed that the Jeddah club, the champions of last season, made a verbal offer to Liverpool last Friday, according to press reports.

The offer was reportedly worth £100m up front, with £50m in add-ons.

Coach Klopp denied rumors about the possibility of Salah leaving Liverpool.


Sports : An exciting shot in the Portuguese league “mouse” technology on a mobile phone

An exciting shot in the Portuguese League Technology

The match between Porto and its guest Arouca in the Portuguese League ended in chaos after the referee used the mobile phone to contact the “VAR” technical official before amending his decision to award a penalty kick to the hosts.

Porto was trailing 1-0 against Arauca when referee Miguel Nogueira awarded him a penalty kick in the 90th minute.

However, those in charge of the arbitration chamber, using video technology “Var”, intervened and demanded that the referee review the footage.

Referee Nogueira was summoned to watch the replay clip on the screen near the touchline, but he was unable to communicate with the VAR room due to a technical defect. After a long wait, he received a phone and spoke with those in charge of the VAR, so the referee decided to change his first decision and not award a penalty kick in favor of Porto.

The drama of the match developed when Porto received another penalty kick 15 minutes into stoppage time.

Midfielder Gallino came forward to take the kick, but he did not translate it into a goal.

However, the Porto players went ahead and kept up the pressure on Arauca’s goal and finally succeeded in the 18th minute of stoppage time, snatching a 1-1 equalizer through Brazilian striker Evanilson with a shot from close range.