Artificial intelligence robots attend an American football match

Artificial intelligence robots attend an American football match

Artificial intelligence robots took part in an NFL match, caught attention due to their incredibly “human” appearance and impressed everyone who watched them.

The robots, which are scheduled to appear in the movie The Creator , which will be shown for the first time on September 29, sat in the stands to watch the game between the Chargers and Dolphins, as part of an advertising strategy for the film.

As soon as photos and videos of human-like AI robots at an American football match went viral, there was an uproar on the Internet. While some Internet users expressed their admiration for robots, others predicted that the age of robots has begun and that they will soon replace humans.

Social media pioneers shared pictures and video clips of the robots moving around the stadium that hosted the match.

One commented: “I just saw some robots in real life and I’m terrified.”

It is noteworthy that “The Creator” sparked controversy, after the trailer showed real footage from the Beirut port explosion, and the film makers repurposed it using montage, which left a violent reaction, as the explosion claimed the lives of more than 200 people and injured nearly 7,000 people.

Russia : Developing artificial intelligence systems to reduce shoplifting incidents!

The Russian company “IT Group 42” announced that its experts were able to develop new software based on artificial intelligence that would reduce theft incidents in stores.

Based on the information available, the new software can effectively identify potential shoplifters, and the algorithms in it quickly analyze video data documented by surveillance cameras in stores, and these algorithms analyze visitors’ behavior.

This software differs from other software currently used in such fields, as it does not rely on facial recognition data. Instead, it analyzes movements and focuses on 11 different signs that may help identify a potential thief.

After analyzing the data, the new software sends an alert to security staff in stores if it notices suspicious behavior in a visitor, which allows employees to focus on the person and monitor him via cameras to avoid theft incidents.

The experts at “IT Group 42” indicated that their new software is currently working very well, and work is constantly being developed to be more effective.