Aviation Institute is working on dissolving "magnesium plates" implanted in the human body

Aviation Institute is working on dissolving “magnesium plates” implanted in the human body

Scientists at the Moscow Aviation Institute began conducting scientific research to discover how magnesium plates decompose in the human body.

These plates are used in implant operations necessary to fuse bones.

The press office at the institute told the Russian “TASS” agency, saying: “Unlike titanium and steel plates, magnesium plates do not need to be withdrawn from the body after completing their direct functions. Over time, they dissolve completely without leaving harmful substances. On the other hand, “There is a problem of controlling the speed of dissolution.”

“The main task is to make the magnesium plate dissolve while allowing time to fully achieve its goal and without causing damage to healthy bones due to its presence in the body for a very long time,” said the author of the project and graduate student at the Aviation Institute, Ekaterina Maximenko.

Research conducted by leading scientific centers aims to find the ideal components for magnesium sheets in order to control their dissolution time. While work is underway at the Aeronautical Institute, we are trying to change the crystalline texture to control the melting of these plates.

It is worth noting that the properties of magnesium clearly depend on mechanical properties. These properties can improve or deteriorate, including the speed of wear. Thus, by determining the necessary crystalline texture of the magnesium sheets, it will be possible to regulate this speed.

Maximenko explained: “We will learn to program the time at which the plate will dissolve in the human body. In principle, the task of controlling the movement of magnesium plates for corrosion is completely new.”

In addition to medicine, the research results can find wide application in the fields of mechanical and electronic engineering. Creating the necessary texture increases the service life of industrial products containing these magnesium sheets. The project to form the crystalline texture of magnesium sheets will be implemented within the framework of a financial grant provided by the Russian Science Foundation for the period 2023-2025.

US Air Force : New generation of engines for the American secret “B-21 Raider” stealth bomber has begun

The Internet published new photographs of the secret “B-21 Raider” stealth bomber being manufactured in the United States.
The American newspaper “The Drive” reported, citing US Air Force Secretary Frank Kandel, that ground tests of the new bomber’s engines had begun.

The US Minister pointed out that the “Long Range Strike Bomber” program includes the manufacture of integrated systems with the aircraft, such as weapons, various sensors and systems that accompany the bomber, including munitions and other means that may be used for defense purposes.

It is also noted that the B-21 Raider bomber could be used in the future with drones that have a high degree of autonomy. The newspaper believes that the B-21 Raider will make its first flight this year, beginning its service in the US Air Force.

It is noteworthy that the “B-21 Raider”: a new generation of American strategic bomber that was designed in the United States. It is assumed that it will carry both classic ammunition and thermonuclear weapons. The media had previously reported that the aircraft’s designers paid special attention to increasing the bomber’s operating range.