Dmitry Medvedev warns of the emergence of new artificial viruses in the world and accuses Washington

Dmitry Medvedev warns of the emergence of new artificial viruses in the world and accuses Washington

The Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council, Dmitry Medvedev, warned of the emergence of new artificial viruses, not of natural origin, in the world, stressing that Russia and other countries are closely following what is happening.

Medvedev said at the opening of the meeting of the Presidium of the Russian Federation for Science and Education, “ New viruses can not only be of natural origin, but also of artificial origin ,” pointing out that “the Russian Federation, like other countries, is closely following what is happening.” .

Medvedev also noted Russia’s concerns about the biological military activity of the United States of America in the post-Soviet space.

According to him, the Pentagon has established dozens of specialized biological laboratories and centers around Russia.

And he added, “Despite all the mantras that all this is of a purely scientific nature or that it aims to achieve the well-being on an epidemiological level for humanity, we realize that this is, to put it mildly, not true.”

He added: “It is clear that evidence was obtained about this hostile activity during a special search.”

Medvedev also urged the need to pay attention as much as possible to such external threats and ensure Russia’s technological readiness for the emergence and spread of any new infections. “The government has prepared its own version of the most important innovative project of national importance. It should be linked as closely as possible to the President’s list of instructions, as well as to the concept proposed by the Advisory Group on Scientific and Technological Development. The document should be as up-to-date as possible, taking into account all possible risks and threats.”

He recalled that Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed in 2021 to develop this project.

However, he added, “This project includes the establishment of a Russian scientific and technological platform that is supposed to allow rapid response to the emergence and spread of new infections.”

Medvedev concluded by saying: “At the moment they are talking a lot about this. It seems that the situation with Covid is clear, but it is not clear what will happen next, and you have to be prepared. Therefore, this work and its continuation are very important for the state.”

Seiyun : Anger in Yemen after an American official, accompanied by Marines, visited Sayun schools in Hadramaut

An American official, along with American and Saudi Marines and some armored vehicles, surprised a secondary school in the city of Seiyun in Wadi Hadramout, eastern Yemen. No education official or local authority was with his delegation.

Prior to that, heavily armed American military personnel in military uniforms deployed in separate areas of Wadi Hadramout districts , eastern Yemen, according to Al Masirah TV.

Media: Americans carried out assassinations in Yemen

Local and media sources reported that they were surprised by the presence of the American official and his escort, who entered the third secondary grade and met the administration and students, then moved to the girls’ high school and met the administration there.

The US military delegation was accompanied by a translator, “in further confirmation of the size of the mercenaries’ identity in facilitating and enabling the occupation of Yemeni lands and the violation of its sovereignty by invading foreign military forces,” according to the sources.

Al-Masirah stated that the past period witnessed an increased activity to bring in American military personnel to the occupied areas in the south of the country, and the frequency of visits and field visits of these invading elements to the civilian, service and student sectors also increased.

The same source confirmed the widespread popular dissatisfaction in the city of Sayun, where citizens considered these movements “a violation of Yemeni sovereignty, a betrayal of us, and a surrender by mercenaries of their country’s sovereignty to invading forces.”

Sheikh Mudar Ibrahim of one of the Jazira tribes: America is causing unrest in northeastern Syria to plunder oil

An Arab tribal sheikh in the Syrian Jazira said that Washington is causing unrest in northeastern Syria to plunder the region’s wealth, and that the recent clashes there serve American interests.

Sheikh Mudar Ibrahim, one of the sheikhs of the Sheikhan clan in the Syrian Jazira, added to the “Novosti” agency, “All attempts to close the Albukamal border crossing with Iraq are an American plan aimed at cutting off the main artery linking Damascus to Baghdad.”

He stressed that the clashes taking place in the region “serve the interests of the United States, which is working to stir up strife among the population with the aim of plundering oil and agricultural resources.” ,” and that the clashes between the Syrian Democratic Forces and the “Deir ez-Zor Military Council” serve the interests of the United States.

He added, “The economic crisis and the deterioration of the service sector that Syria is suffering from came as a result of the Syrian Jazira region being out of the control of the Syrian government.”

The Arab tribes in Deir ez-Zor had declared a general mobilization against all components of the “SDF” as part of “cleansing the entire countryside of Deir ez-Zor.”

The tribes called on the international coalition  to fulfill their demands to liberate those detained by the SDF, the first of whom is the leader of the Deir ez-Zor Military Council, Ahmed Al-Khabil Abu Khawla and his companions, and to lift the siege on those trapped in Hasakah and return them to their families.

The clashes broke out  last Monday  , a day after the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces arrested Al-Khabil Abu Khawla after inviting them to attend a meeting in the city of Al-Hasakah in the northeast of the country.

The clashes left at least 10 people dead, according to activists.