"I will say this again and again" DMK leader Udhayanidhi on controversial statement regarding 'Sanatan Dharma'

“I will say this again and again” DMK leader Udhayanidhi on controversial statement regarding ‘Sanatan Dharma’

BJP leaders referred to Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin’s son as “Udayanidhi Hitler”. At the same time, the opposition ‘India’ alliance was termed as ‘anti-Hindu’.

DMK leader Udhayanidhi Stalin.

New Delhi:Tamil Nadu minister Udhayanidhi Stalin is in controversy over his statement that ‘Sanatan Dharma will be destroyed’. At the same time, once again he has said to stick to his point. He said that “I will say this again and again.” Although Stalin also said that he has only condemned caste discrimination.

He said, “The day before yesterday I spoke about it (Sanatan Dharma) at a function. Whatever I said, I will repeat it again and again. I included all religions, not just Hinduism. I talked about caste differences. Condemned it.”

Even before this he had emphasized that his comments should be taken in the background of caste hierarchy. He accused the BJP of distorting his words amid fears of growing opposition unity.

Stalin’s statement comes amid attacks by the Bharatiya Janata Party in which party leaders described Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin’s son as “Udayanidhi Hitler”. At the same time, the opposition ‘India’ alliance was termed as ‘anti-Hindu’.

DMK is an ally of Congress. When asked about Udhayanidhi’s statement, Congress General Secretary KC Venugopal told reporters, “Our stand is clear. Sarvadharma Sambhav is the ideology of the Congress, but you have to understand that every political party has the freedom to express its views. We respect everyone’s faith.”

When asked about the issue, Karnataka minister and Congress leader Priyank Kharge said that any religion that does not give equal rights is not a religion and is ‘akin to a disease’. Kharge said, “Any religion that does not promote equality, any religion that does not ensure that you have the dignity of being a human being, is not a religion according to me. So it is a disease.” Is.”

Congress leader and former Union minister Karan Singh termed the DMK leader’s statement as “absurd” and “extremely unfortunate”.

He said, “Udayanidhi’s absurd statement that Sanatan Dharma should be abolished is extremely unfortunate. Crores of people in this country follow the principles of Sanatan Dharma to a greater or lesser extent.”

Singh said in a statement, “Moreover, the greatest Sanatana Dharma temple in the world is in Tamil Nadu. It is shocking that a responsible leader makes such a completely unacceptable statement. I have great respect for the glorious Tamil culture.” But I strongly object to Udhayanidhi’s statement.”

Shiv Sena (UBT) leader Priyanka Chaturvedi hit out at the BJP, accusing it of showing fake concern on Sanatan Dharma for its politics and termed it as hypocrisy. He posted on They not only survived but also flourished.”

Priyanka Chaturvedi said, “The foundation stone of the country, which is associated with Sanatan Dharma, has been the inclusion of all faiths and identities. Anyone making derogatory remarks against it is ignorant of what it means.”

“Moreover, the fake concern shown by the BJP on Sanatan Dharma for their politics exposes their hypocrisy, while they mercilessly lathicharge Sanatanis fighting for their rights in Maharashtra,” he said.

Samajwadi Party leader Swami Prasad Maurya said on the DMK leader’s statement, “BJP is marketing the word ‘Sanatan’. They are playing with the sentiments of the public in the name of religion.”

Tamil Nadu Youth Welfare Minister Udhayanidhi has alleged that Sanatan Dharma is against equality and social justice and should be abolished. He compared Sanatan Dharma to coronavirus, malaria and dengue fever and said that such things should not be opposed but should be destroyed.

Pakistan : Sugar price hike due to hoarding and smuggling

At present, high electricity bills and increase in petrol prices are being discussed across the country, while in many cities including Quetta, a big increase in the price of sugar has also been seen.

Like other cities across the country , in Quetta, the capital of Balochistan, the continuous increase in the price of sugar has caused concern to the citizens.

Citizens say that due to inflation , after electricity and petrol, sugar is also out of reach of the people.

However, traders doing business in Quetta city say that one of the major reasons for the Chinese crisis is hoarding as well as smuggling.

The position of the Government of Balochistan

Balochistan Information Minister John Achakzai, in response to a question regarding sugar smuggling and shortage, told Independent Urdu that ‘We have received information regarding sugar smuggling , against which we have launched a large-scale operation. .’

He said: ‘Chief Minister of Balochistan has also issued strict orders in this regard. While no exception is being made in this regard in the province.

When we asked John Achakzai that the main reason for the shortage of sugar in Quetta and the large increase in its price is smuggling?

On this question, he said ‘There may be a reason, but it is not the main reason, hoarding may be another reason.’

What do citizens and businessmen say?

At that time, high electricity bills and increase in the price of petrol were discussed across the country, while in many cities including Quetta, a large increase in the price of sugar has also been seen and sugar has crossed the mark of 200. 

Biberg Baloch, a resident of Quetta, got a surprise when he went to the shopkeeper to buy sugar. They were told that ‘sugar is not available and its price has gone up to 220 per kg.’

When he said to the shopkeeper, ‘You gave sugar at the rate of 175 rupees per kg a few days ago, why did the price suddenly increase?’

The shopkeeper told Biberg that there is a shortage of sugar in the market and we have not been supplied. There is also a possibility of a further price hike, so the sugar we are getting is expensive and prices are increasing.’

This is not only the problem of the citizens of Quetta, but there is a shortage of sugar all over Pakistan and its price is increasing due to which the citizens are worried.

However, compared to other cities, the trend of increase in rates is being seen in Quetta more than others.

“We were already worried about rising electricity bills and petrol prices, now the sugar crisis has taken over,” Biberg said.

Babulal, a sugar dealer in Quetta’s Satellite Town area, told Independent Urdu that ‘sugar prices are increasing in Quetta. One of the reasons for which is the ban by the government and permission is not being given to import sugar even on a permit, so there has been a shortage of sugar in the city.

April 5, 2010, farmers buying and selling sugarcane at the vegetable market in Lahore (AFP/Arif Ali).

Aminullah, another sugar trader, says that the government is not giving permission to bring sugar due to which the price of sugar in Quetta is increasing day by day. Now the price of a 50 kg sack has reached 10,600 while the same sugar is available in Sabi for 9,000 per sack.

Aminullah has also described hoarding by big businessmen as one of the main reasons for the Chinese crisis.

Chief Minister Balochistan expressed concern

Meanwhile, Balochistan Chief Minister Mir Ali Mardan Khan Domki, in a statement issued on September 1, expressed deep concern over the smuggling of sugar from the province.

He directed all the concerned institutions to formulate a coordinated action plan to prevent sugar smuggling.

The Chief Minister has also directed the law enforcement agencies and the district administration to take full action against the elements involved in sugar smuggling and to establish an anti-sugar smuggling cell in the Home Department.

The Chief Minister said that the common man has to bear the consequences of sugar smuggling in the form of inflation. He knows the problems faced by the people and will ensure the solution.

Actions against hoarding of sugar

On the other hand, operations against sugar smuggling are ongoing in Balochistan by the Customs Department.

A few days ago, during two operations on the same day, an attempt to smuggle sugar on 20 trucks was foiled, the customs statement said.

According to the spokesperson of the Customs Department, Dr. Atta Barich, ‘the market value of seized sugar and seized vehicles is around Rs 70 crore.’

He said that on the border of Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the Customs Field Enforcement Unit stopped a huge convoy consisting of 15 trucks coming from Dera Ismail Khan and seized 8206 parcels of sugar from them, which were smuggled into Balochistan without a permit and later on to the border. To be sent to the regions. caught.’

According to the data of the department, Quetta Customs has seized 1637.22 metric tons of sugar during the months of July and August with very little manpower and unfavorable conditions.

The price of which along with used vehicles is around one billion rupees.

Increase in sugar prices in Islamabad as well

Like Quetta, citizens in Islamabad are worried about the increase in sugar prices and are forced to find alternatives to sugar.

Shahzeb, a shopkeeper, says that sometimes the price of a bag of sugar increases by Rs 500 in a single day. Earlier, those who used to buy one kilo are now buying half a kilo and those who used to buy five kilos are now buying two kilos.’

On September 4, 2023, laborers unload sacks of sugar in a market in Quetta (Independent Urdu/Hazar Khan Baloch).

Another shopkeeper named Muhammad Qasim says that ‘after the rate increase, the price of loose sugar is 180 rupees per kg, while the rate of packaged sugar has increased to more than 200 rupees.’

According to him, ‘with the increase in the price of sugar, the price of sugar and molasses also increases.’

Mrs. Rashid, a citizen, says that ‘despite the increasing inflation, the use of sugar cannot be eliminated, but its alternative is also expensive.’

Another citizen AD Khan says that ‘despite the increase in the price of sugar, there is no alternative to it and what was an alternative to it ie jaggery and sugar is more expensive than sugar.’

“There is no such alternative, only one salt is left that Pakistani people start adding salt instead of sugar in tea.”