Is it real? The Mexican Parliament shocks the world with “strange creatures”

Is it real? The Mexican Parliament shocks the world with “strange creatures”

Western media focused on a recent Mexican parliament session in which mummified remains of strange non-human creatures were revealed.

Jaime Mosan, a journalist specializing in UFO science and the study of unidentified flying objects and alien phenomena, presented two small coffins containing the supposed fossils of two alien beings, to the deputies on Tuesday.

“They are non-human beings, and they are not part of our earthly evolution,” Mosan said during a session organized by Representative Sergio Guterres on behalf of the “public interest.”

The American newspaper ” Washington Post ” said that the creatures that were presented before Congress in boxes with windows looked closer to the characters in the fictional space movie ET. They were both white, with enlarged heads, three fingers, and long, thin limbs.

The Telegraph newspaper “, it commented, saying: “Maskik shocked the world when she displayed the mummified bodies of two small aliens at a congressional hearing,” considering, “We are entering a strange world when YouTube becomes more trustworthy than governments.”

She pointed out that the problem with the samples of the creatures that were shown, whose internal cavities allegedly contain rare metals and eggs, is that scientists exposed them, indicating that in a documentary released in 2021, Alexander Sokolov from the “Scientists Against Myths” blog on YouTube, assembled a team Experts examined the skeletal structure of the small aliens, and found that the bodies were made of “a mixture of human and animal bones.”

The experts concluded: “This creature could not take a single step with such a strange bone structure. When they looked at the fingers, they found a group of mismatched bones.”

The French version of the Huffington Post newspaper said that these two mummies are not aliens and that “their matter was revealed years ago,” noting that one of the mummies “was evaluated by an anthropologist, and his conclusions were clear that the mummy in question is a group of various mummified human remains.” .

The British newspaper ” The Guardian ” pointed out that representatives from all over the world attended the meeting and made calls for transparency and international cooperation, considering that this event was inspired by the hearing held by the US Congress on the same topic in July, in which retired Major David Grosch claimed that the United States, She was hiding a program to recover flying objects and reverse engineer UFOs.

The newspaper ” Pais ” confirms that in a number of countries discussions about unidentified flying objects occupy a dominant position in public life.

The US Army Chief of Staff responds to information about attacking Iran

Outgoing Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley has flatly denied claims by former President Donald Trump’s chief of staff, Mark Meadows, about plans to attack Iran.

In an exclusive interview with CNN, General Milley responded to Meadows’ statements, saying: “It would be inappropriate to comment on anything in the context of the current federal investigation, so I will not do so, but let me say this: As the president, Or any member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, our job is to advise.”

Milley added: “We have plans for all kinds of things. When we give advice, we usually say the course of action is one, two, or three. We talk about costs and risks and make recommendations. I can confirm that I have not once recommended attacking Iran.”

General Milley’s denial came after CNN published last June a leaked audio recording, which it said was “of Trump talking about his possession of documents related to Iran, which he had not declassified.”

The recording includes “talk about plans by the US Department of Defense (the Pentagon), led by Milley, to launch an attack on Iran.”

After the acceleration of US inflation, what awaits the United States?

Russian expert Alexander Nazarov believes that the United States is entering a period of economic turmoil, after data showed an acceleration in inflation rates last month.

The expert, Nazarov, said in a post on his Telegram channel today, Thursday: “I believe that although inflation growth will be unstable, it may slow down in some months, as prices are falling in China, and Europe is witnessing a recession. “Unemployment is starting to rise in the United States, which could lead to a slowdown in prices.”

He added: “The expected wave of bankruptcy in the first stage will lead to deflation, reducing demand, and after only a few months there will be a decrease in the supply of goods and services, which will push prices to rise. In short, we will witness a period of chaos when only the long-term trend becomes possible to predict.” “But not the events that will happen over the next few months.”

According to official data issued yesterday, Wednesday, annual consumer price inflation in the United States accelerated last August to 3.7%, up from 3.2% recorded in July 2023.

After inflation declined from a 41-year peak recorded in mid-2022, amounting to 9.1%, the index accelerated last July to 3.2%.