Issues an emergency update to protect its phones from hacking

Issues an emergency update to protect its phones from hacking

Apple announced the launch of an emergency update for iOS systems to protect its phones from software vulnerabilities that could cause their data to be compromised.

According to the information provided by Apple, iOS 16.6.1 was not released to include new features for phone users, but rather to correct some loopholes that might expose these devices to the risk of hacking or cause problems in their systems.

With the new version, Apple addressed a software vulnerability that threatened image files on iPhones. Through it, hackers could send a malicious file to the victim’s phone that had been camouflaged as an image. When the recipient tries to open the image, problems appear to him in the phone, the most prominent of which is that the device’s storage memory is suddenly full. Also, the malicious file that entered the device can be exploited to access user data.

As for the second software vulnerability that iOS 16.6.1 addressed, it is linked to the Apple Wallet applications on iPhone phones, and it can be exploited to execute random code on the phone, and through it the phone can be controlled remotely through Internet hackers.

Technology : Today’s expected Apple event may reconsider your calculations regarding your iPhone!

Today, attention is turning to the anticipated event of the technology giant “Apple”, which unveils the latest group of distinctive devices, which will make you see your “old” iPhone in front of the new version.

During a major launch event on September 12, Apple will unveil the new “iPhone 15” and “iPhone 15 Pro” collection to the world. Although the company announced the launch date, Apple is committed to secrecy about what will be included in these updated devices.

It is believed that Apple will abandon the common method of recharging iPhones, replacing it with a USB-C port, which means that users will be able to charge their iPhones, laptops, and tablets with just one cable.

Another major change may occur in the design of the iPhone 15 Pro, which will transform it from stainless steel to titanium, adding lightness and strength to the new phone.

Other changes could include a much faster A17 Bionic processor, fewer screen bezels, and a major improvement to the rear camera.

Some rumors also indicate that the iPhone 15 Pro will receive a significant enhancement in zoom capabilities. This update will be very logical, especially with Samsung being praised for its wonderful lens for the Galaxy S23 Utra, which provides users with the ability to zoom 100X.

New colors, larger storage options, faster charging, and longer battery life could also be available.

Today’s event will not be limited to the iPhone only, as Apple is also expected to unveil some of its new smart watch models, including the updated “Ultra” device. In addition to the updated AirPods, which will also receive a USB-C charging port.