Kenyan and Bangladeshi delegations arrive in Madiun to take part in health training

Madiun  – Delegations from the Republic of Kenya and Bangladesh arrived in Indonesia to take part in a series of health training activities, especially on family planning and reproduction for the next week in Madiun City, East Java.

The arrival of officials from the two countries was welcomed directly by the Mayor of Madiun Maidi at Juanda International Airport, Surabaya on Sunday (17/9) afternoon at around 13.30 WIB.

“I welcomed this directly in Juanda. In principle, we welcome any guest,” said Mayor Maidi.

There are dozens of delegations who will visit Madiun City. In detail, 12 guests came from Kenya. Meanwhile, three other people are from Bangladesh. The 15 people went straight from Juanda Airport to Madiun City.

Mayor Maidi said the 15 delegates from Kenya and Bangladesh were not ordinary people. They consist of officials from the Ministry of Health, the National Council for Population and Development Affairs, representative officials from regional governments, and also academics. Meanwhile, three delegations from Bangladesh departed from “Partners in Population and Development” (PPD).

“This is extraordinary. This means that Madiun City’s worldwide jargon is not just talk. But it is true,” he said.

The city of Madiun was appointed by the government through the BKKBN as the only region to carry out a study modeled on the Government of Kenya regarding the handling of post-natal family planning.

Madiun City was chosen as the national representative in receiving the Kenya study visit, because Madiun City, especially the Madiun City Regional Hospital, succeeded in winning an award related to handling family planning after childbirth, namely 1st place in Family Planning Village in the city government category.

Apart from that, 1st place for Family Planning Officer, 1st place for Sustainable Family for 20 years, the Anugerah Manggala Karya Kencana (MKK) Award to the Head of the Madiun City PKK Team, Yuni Setyawati Maidi for two years in a row, as well as the Satya Lencana Wira Karya Award from the President of R1 to Dr. H Muhammad Nur SpOG as a doctor at Madiun City Regional Hospital.

“Madiun City has the best national family planning village. This is one of the reasons why our city was chosen as a training location,” he said.

According to schedule, the envoys of the two countries will start their activities on Monday (18/9). The opening of the activity took place at the GCIO Building, Diskominfo Madiun City. Apart from that, a number of locations will also be visited and have been prepared.

Starting from Madiun City Hospital, Sukosari Health Center, KB Sejahtera Village, Klegen Village, Ngrowo Bening Edupark, and so on. The group and their companions from their homeland will be in Madiun City for a week.

“Delegations from two countries are already in our city. As hosts we must maintain the good name of our country. We must provide the best service. This is not only related to the name of our city. But also the name of our nation and state,” he said.

Phin Mana : PDF bombing of Ella Air Force Base by the Military Council

The statement also stated that the attack took place at 3:30 p.m. on September 15, and that the military council forces went to attack near the air base amid tight security.

It was released along with a video recording by the PDF forces that they bombed the Aircraft Hanger with two destructive mines and warplanes.

It is said that the attack was carried out jointly by the Tiger Army and the Lethal Prop (Shar Htoo Waw Team-1) group.

RFA has not yet been able to independently investigate the damage to the Ella Air Base. I called the military council spokesperson about this attack, but there was no response.

The National Unity Government has said that it will implement the “All Roads to Nay Pyi Taw” military plan this year, where all PDF forces will attack Nay Pyi Taw.

Since then, there have been guerrilla activities in Nay Pyi Taw by the PDF, and last August, Nay Pyi Taw, It was until they attacked and occupied the Boma Tham Mountain camp of the military council in Phin Mana.

CIB said that no Taiwanese were among those arrested in Myanmar for online fraud

China cooperation team arrested those suspected of being involved in online money fraud in northern Myanmar.


Taiwan’s Criminal Intelligence Bureau (CIB) released a statement on September 17 that no Taiwanese were among those arrested in Myanmar for online currency fraud.

Taiwan-based Taiwan News reports that the CIB said it is closely monitoring online currency fraud and will cooperate with China to take action if Taiwan is involved.

China and the Myanmar police cracked down on online money laundering gangs in northern Myanmar, and transferred more than two hundred (1,207) people suspected of money laundering from Myanmar to China. There are also reports that Taiwanese are among those arrested.

A report by China Time, based in China, on September 15th stated that about twenty percent of those arrested on suspicion are Taiwanese. Because of this news, the CIB said that there was no evidence that Taiwanese were among those arrested.

The Burmese Military Council said in a statement about the central meeting of the Human Trafficking Prevention Organization held in Nay Pyi Taw on September 11 that foreigners were also involved in the fight against online currency fraud and human trafficking.

The military council did not say which nationals were among those arrested for online money fraud.