More than 100,000 refugees in Nyaung Lai Pin District of Bago Province are in need of food

More than 100,000 refugees in Nyaung Lai Pin District of Bago Province are in need of food

In the more than two and a half years since the military takeover, there have been 1,143 battles in the territory of the Karen National Union (KNU) Brigade (3), and more than 170,000 civilians have been displaced, according to KNU statements.

187 people were injured when the military council troops fired with heavy weapons. It is also reported that 98 people died.

Since August last year, Kyaukgyi, stone door The military council attacked townships such as Moan and Nyaung Lai by air, Locals said that the attack came piece by piece from land.

“Rather than cutting off the food supply of the fleeing local population, it restricts us in many ways, preventing us from transporting any food at all.”

Last August 13th, when the Military Council troops fired heavy weapons, 13-year-old Saw Ae Ka Lu Htoo and 16-year-old Saw Boloi were killed and five others were injured from Pesain village, Kyaukgyi Township, according to a person who gave his name as Saw Aewa from Pesain village, Kyaukkyi Township.

“On the night of the 13th, we shot and fell into the village. Two children died. And then there are the injured. Two of them were seriously injured, while the other five only had minor injuries to their arms and legs.”

There are more than 100 houses in Pea Son village and about 400 people. On that day, the military council troops based in Kyauktutu opened fire.

At present, the local residents are back in Pa Son village, but the security situation is not yet reliable, so they have to listen to the military situation.

Big rock hate, Residents said that there was no fighting during the coup period in Nyaung Lai Pin and Kyauk Dutu townships.

Now, as the fighting has increased, the military council is restricting the transportation of food and fuel to the locals, said Ko Saw Sey, whose name has been transferred from Moan Township for security reasons.

“Rather than cutting the food supply of the local people fleeing to the east or west side of the Sittaung River, they restrict us in various ways to prevent us from transporting food at all. We would like to ask as a local to stop the restrictions and resolve the conflicts and direct the humanitarian aid.”

It is said that there are more than 20 civilians arrested by the Military Council for transporting food in Moan Township.

Residents said that the military council forces are restricting civilians from transporting food, accusing them of supporting the Karen National Union (KNU) and the People’s Defense Forces.

One person who is helping a war-torn refugee, who did not want to be named, said that most of the internally displaced refugees are facing various food problems.

“When the military council is firing more and more every day, people are getting hit and dying. The suffering of the people is increasing more and more. There is also fear. There is no security. In addition, we see that the difficulties of living are increasing more and more.”

Economic Minister U Tin Oo, the spokesman for Baguio Province appointed by the military council, told RFA that the local army is working with the local army to ensure regional stability and security in Nyaung Lai Pin District.

“Within Nyaung Laipin district, the main areas are Shwe Jing, Kyaukgyi, Two Palms, and Kyauktutu. These places are reported to have entered the area with Kasai Kalash, so we are maintaining regional stability and security with the local patrol. It is not too big.”

He did not clearly state how the war victims are being helped.

KNU spokesperson Pado Saw Ka Kelsay said that the military council’s limited blockade and terrorist shootings against civilians in the area of ​​the 3rd Brigade are working to maintain their power. 

Indonesia : The Vice President encourages Islamic boarding schools to optimize sharia economics

We are continuing to establish the sharia economy, we are working on halal products.

Bangkalan – Indonesian Vice President (Wapres) Ma’ruf Amin encouraged regions and Islamic boarding schools to optimize the development of a sharia-based economy as an effort to advance the people’s economy.

“We are continuing to form a sharia economy, we are intensifying halal products. Let’s improve all regions, because in addition to growing products, it will also open markets,” said the Vice President, during a visit to the Al-Anwar Islamic Boarding School, Patereman Village, Modung District, Bangkalan , East Java, Thursday.

According to the Vice President, in opening the market for halal products, the government has already done this, such as in the Middle East where trade agreements have begun.

“This is our step to become a trading center for halal products, from the financial sector we have started, BSI has opened in Dubai, will soon open in Saudi Arabia,” said the Vice President explained.

The caretaker of Al-Anwar Islamic Boarding School KH Muchlis Muhsin said that his institution was ready to carry out the Vice President’s encouragement in trying to optimize the sharia economy.

“We have started to establish sharia pawnshops, we are very ready for the development of a sharia-based economy as one of the halal products,” he said.

The readiness for this, according to Kiai Muchlis, has been going on for a long time, one of which is by establishing a sharia economics college at the pesantren he takes care of.

“We encourage students and alumni not only to focus on reading da’wah books such as lectures, but what we want them to be able to drive a sharia-based economy in society,” he said.