Pope Francis sends a telegram to the Chinese President

Pope Francis sends a telegram to the Chinese President

China announced its intention to enhance mutual trust with the Vatican, after a telegram sent by Pope Francis to the Chinese people and its President, Xi Jinping.

Wang Wenbin, spokesman for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said on Friday: “In recent years, China and the Vatican have maintained contacts, and China is ready to maintain the spirit of reconciliation with the Vatican and enter into a constructive dialogue with it to enhance mutual understanding and trust and advance the process of improving bilateral relations.”

Earlier, the Vatican announced that the Pope had sent a telegram expressing his “good wishes” to Chinese President Xi Jinping and his people, while his plane was flying over the country’s territory on its way to Mongolia.

“I assure you of my prayers for the well-being of the nation,” the pope wrote in the telegram, following the tradition of saluting the leaders of the countries whose airspace his plane crosses.

Russian Foreign Minister : We will prevent an announcement from the G20 summit if our opinions are ignored

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that his country will prevent the issuance of a final declaration for the G20 summit held this month if it does not adopt Moscow’s position regarding Ukraine and other crises.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov confirmed today, Friday, that his country will prevent the issuance of a final declaration for the G20 summit to be held this month if it does not adopt Moscow’s position with regard to Ukraine and other crises.

“There will be no public declaration on behalf of all members if they do not adopt our position,” Lavrov told students at the Institute of International Relations in Moscow.

He said that the West raised the Ukraine file in preparatory meetings for the summit, and Russia responded by saying: “It is over for us.”

Lavrov indicated that the G20 presidency may issue a non-binding statement if consensus cannot be reached at the summit, accusing the West of undermining the role of international institutions by advancing its own agenda.

Lavrov continued, saying: “Another option is to adopt a document that focuses on specific decisions within the scope of the Group of Twenty, and to leave room for each country to express its own point of view on the rest of the files.”

Lavrov is scheduled to represent his country at the summit, which will be held on the ninth and tenth of September in New Delhi.

Bloomberg : Despite the scandal, the Prime Minister of Estonia is confident of staying in power

Estonia’s Prime Minister Kaya Kalas said that the support of the ruling coalition will allow her to remain in office despite the revelation of her husband’s extensive business dealings with Russia, in contrast to the sanctions that she advocates and forces her country to have.

Callas said in an interview with “Bloomberg” : “Now I am sure of this, and my partners in the coalition assured me of this.”

The state broadcasting portal ERR reported that the transport company Stark Logistics, which is partly owned by Callas’ husband Arvo Halleck, continues to transport goods to and from Russia.

This information had a great resonance with Estonian society, while critics of Kallas pointed out that it is one of the most demanding in Estonia and Europe to stop doing business with Russia.

Callas’ husband said last week that he had sold all of his shares in Stark Logistics and had resigned from the company’s board of directors.

On Tuesday, Callas did not attend a joint meeting of the commissions for monitoring the state budget and anti-corruption due to her busy work schedule, where the issue of her husband’s business with Russia was supposed to be discussed.