Russian artificial intelligence detects suspicious financial transactions by 99.21%

Russian artificial intelligence detects suspicious financial transactions by 99.21%

South Ural University researchers managed to teach artificial intelligence to distinguish suspicious financial transactions and prevent their completion by 99.21%, recording the highest rate in this field that satisfies Russian financial security.

Alexei Roshai, head of the Department of Computer Security and Applied Algebra at Russia’s South Ural State University, said that the test result on the publicly available transaction database showed 99.21% of correct results, which for the first time satisfies the requirements put forth by the banking sector in front of such algorithms.

He added that the level of error-free for the first time in history now satisfies the requirements of banks.

He said: “My colleagues and I trained artificial intelligence to recognize suspicious banking transactions using gradient boosting, and the test result on the Elliptic public transaction database showed a high level of accuracy, reaching 99.21%, which satisfies for the first time the requirements put forward for such algorithms, knowing that Competing teams of scientists had previously achieved an accuracy of 97.8%, which was considered insufficient.

He added that it is common to use the algorithm, whether in the daily work of the bank’s security service or while controlling digital currency.

Phone Battery : Amid fears of the new version! 4 ways to speed up the old iPhone!

Users of old iPhone phones are preparing to face the problem of battery deterioration, as the launch of the iPhone 15 approaches.

Previously, Apple faced $115 million in fines and a settlement over a controversy over “battery lag,” intentionally slowing down older phones, although the company said this was in order to preserve its batteries.

iPhone users have long believed that iOS updates with the launch of a new phone could slow down older devices. However, there are steps that must be taken, as a phone refurbishment expert told the Daily Mail website.

Keoin Sharon, senior director of refurbishment operations at Back Market, revealed that as the cost of smartphones continues to rise, choosing to repair your device and extend its life, not only represents a more sustainable alternative compared to purchasing a new device, but it is also an economical choice. The following steps can be followed to achieve this:

– Stop applications that slow down your phone

iPhone apps tend to consume large amounts of RAM and CPU resources while they continue to run in the background, often without the user’s knowledge.

Sharon said: “A simple hack to speed up your old iPhone is to go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh and select Wi-Fi and Cellular Data or the Stop option, to stop background app updating completely.”

– Check battery health

Sharon said that the slowness of the iPhone may be due to a battery problem.

If you’re using an iPhone 6 or later (with a recent version of iOS), go to Settings > Battery > Battery Health to view the maximum battery capacity. (It should be between 0 and 100%).

Sharon explained that a typical Apple battery should maintain up to 80% of its original capacity. As the battery ages, this percentage may decrease, resulting in it being unable to hold a charge.

– Check peak performance

Sharon revealed that “under the ‘Battery Health’ section, it’s also helpful to look at ‘Peak Performance’.

This special metric provides valuable information about your battery’s performance, revealing how well it’s working.

If you notice anything wrong with your battery, it might be wise to consider a replacement.

– storage capacity

Sharon said that slow iPhone performance can stem from limited storage, which affects CPU performance and slows down your phone.

He explained: “iPhones need about 10% of the available space for temporary storage and temporary files that facilitate the smooth running of applications and software updates. To boost the speed of your iPhone, take the time to review installed applications and uninstall applications that are no longer needed. “.

You can also sort out old photos and videos and remove unnecessary content.