The Thai MP asked for clarification on the issue of Burmese soldiers in Thai territory

The Thai MP asked for clarification on the issue of Burmese soldiers in Thai territory

The Bangkok Post reported on September 13 that Mr. Kannavee Suebsang, a Member of Parliament from the Thai opposition party, Fair Party, asked the Thai government to explain the issue of about 80 to 100 Burmese soldiers crossing the border into Thai territory since September 3.

If the news that these soldiers are in two villages in the Turk district of Thailand is true, Mr. Subsan requests to investigate why they are there and to officially inform the Thai people about this matter.

When RFA contacted Thai MP Mr. Kannawi Subsan about this matter, he said that the Burmese army entered Thailand through a shortcut across the border to change their bases, which were surrounded by KNLA troops. He added that the Thai soldiers are negotiating between them so that they can leave.

The Thai government has not made any progress to solve this problem. Organizations concerned with this matter, MP Mr. Kannawi Subsan told RFA that I asked the press in the parliament to let the media and Thai people know.

“As a representative in the Hluttaw, I am pointing out that the Burmese side is encroaching on their sovereignty.”

Those soldiers are the 561st Battalion under the Southeast Regional Command. 339 A Karen National Liberation Army KNLA official confirmed the RFA on September 9, saying that he is from 557 and has been in Thai territory since September 2.

Those soldiers are from Karen State. Kyin Pyaygyi Township, It is said that the soldiers of the military council of the camp in Hội Kạp Pạn fled across the border to Thailand when the joint KNLA forces attacked the camp on August 31.

But other forces under the KNU said that these soldiers did not flee because of the fighting, but turned from the Thai side to attack the KNU’s main camps.

Major Saw Win Myint, commander of the VENOM platoon of Cobra Platoon No. 2, said that the Burmese army had done such actions before.

“From a military point of view, in the past, when we fought, the Thai side used the road and they (Military Council Army) sneaked in. I think it will be the same now. whether offensive or whether to resist or They (Military Council Army) camp will not fall or it will be like that. It is impossible to go to Thailand while fighting.”

RFA called General Zaw Min Tun, spokesperson of the Military Council, regarding the presence of the Military Council soldiers in Thailand, but he did not receive an answer. Turk District Administration Department RFA asked the Royal Thai Army in the military district via e-mail, but did not respond.

U Thein Tun Oo, executive director of the Tanang Strategy Study Group, which is made up of former military officers, told RFA that if Burmese soldiers are in Thai territory, it could be an accidental entry.

“Even if it had arrived, there is no possibility except for the fact that, as I just said, it would accidentally go to the other side of the operation. There is one If it comes officially, the two countries will cooperate in military operations. If that’s the case for joint military training, then it’s official. There is nothing to say. Without doing such official joint military exercises, it can be concluded that it was an accidental mistake that the other side went over.”

A Burmese activist in Thailand told RFA that if Burmese soldiers cross the border and flee into Thai territory due to the fighting in Karen State, it is because the two armies of Thailand and Myanmar are getting along and that they are allowed to do so.

“The borders are set by the Thai army. The Thai border guard is already there to provide security. They (the Thai and Burmese military) are comfortable with each other, so they allowed it. But the parliament raised these questions, If there is criticism like this from the opposition side, it may be a little difficult for the soldiers (Myanmar Military Council) to enter.”

Last year in 2022, when fighting was raging along the Thai-Myanmar border, an attack helicopter from the Myanmar side reached the Thai side, and he said that he had discussed the matter in the Thai Hluttaw.

In the Bangkok Post news today, Thailand Turk District MP Soub San said that Thai residents informed nearby Thai soldiers about the presence of Burmese soldiers in Lay Tokho Village, Ohn Phyan Township, but no action was taken.

The Bangkok Post reports that the Thai military had to negotiate twice between the Myanmar military and the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) to allow the Myanmar soldiers to leave after the news of the matter came out on social media on September 5.

U Than Soe Naing, a political analyst, said that the Thai opposition member asked in the parliament that the Myanmar side was encroaching on Thailand’s sovereignty, but the Thai military side is comfortable with Myanmar, so they will not do anything big about security.

“What he said is that under the situation where the Thai government has changed, as a representative in the parliament, they are pointing out that the Burmese side is encroaching on their sovereignty. This is something that the Thai army would like to be a little bit less than. But from there, nothing special, I don’t think they will do anything to increase security on the part of the big Thai military.”

U Than Soe Naing also said that a basic understanding has already been established between the Thai and Myanmar military.

2022 On June 29, a warplane of the Military Council invaded Thai airspace. After the Thai government objected to the issue, the head of the military council apologized, according to international reports.

Yining : it was revealed that the village of Chulukai was completely surrounded by a wall and residents were entering and exiting through a gate

Agence France-Presse, which recently visited Uyghur, witnessed the rural residents’ inability to act freely in their communities during their visit to Yeken County. In the course of our reporter’s inquiries about this situation, it was revealed that the village of Chulukai in Yining County is completely surrounded by a protective wall and residents go in and out through a gate. Below is the program prepared by our reporter Shohret Hoshur.

According to a news report released this week about the visit of the French press agency Uyghur Eli, the reporter of the agency visited several villages such as Arslanbagh in Yeken County, and found that some of the houses were deserted and the doors of some of the yards were locked. Qadiri was seen ordering residents on the street to go into their homes and locking some doors, preventing residents from moving freely. During our phone interviews with Gulji on September 10, we reported on the monitoring situation in the residents’ homes and communities.

Since the 2000s, the Uyghur authorities have used the pretext of protecting “peace” and “security” to carry out general surveillance measures on the population after each uprising. Some of these measures aimed at facilitating and strengthening population surveillance have taken the form of dispersing the population, while others have taken the form of clustering the population together. During this process, in some places, small communities or residential areas were established with entrance and exit through a single gate.

The Yining County Police Department officer who received our call did not respond to our questions about the siege of the communities.

It turns out that in Uyghur Ela, the changes that are being carried out under various names such as “building a new village” and “changing the appearance of neighborhoods” are also aimed at reducing the range of voluntary actions of residents. A security officer in Chulukai village who answered our call revealed that the village is surrounded by a wall and residents enter and exit through a gate. Rumor has it that the system will be implemented from the end of 2017.

According to Baidu’s information platform, the population of Chu Lukai Village at the end of 2018 was 13,500, and they lived in 6 communities, including New Community and Sai Community.

Mr. Ilshat Hasan, a political observer who currently lives in the United States, spent his childhood and adolescence in the village of Chulukai.

Ilshat Hasan, while expressing his dismay at the situation, also raised his concerns.

The Director of Security, the entrance and exit of the gate will be monitored 24 hours a day, and there is a responsible staff in the gate security office in addition to the security personnel; He revealed that there was a police station nearby and a guardhouse called Gangting, where any suspicious people coming in and out of the gate would be checked and dealt with.

Dear radio listeners, above, we broadcasted that the village of Chu Lukai in Yining County with a population of 13,500 is completely surrounded, residents enter and exit through a gate and are under 24-hour surveillance.

Hanoi : Dozens killed in a fire in a residential building

Dozens of people were killed in a fire that broke out on Wednesday night in a residential building in Hanoi, according to a preliminary toll reported by the official news agency, citing local authorities in the Vietnamese capital.
The official news agency said that following the fire, “about 70 people were rescued, and 54 people were transferred to hospitals, including dozens of dead.”

Video clips showed fire consuming a large part of the ten-storey building located in a narrow alley in a residential neighborhood in the capital, Hanoi.

In recent years, Vietnam has witnessed a number of deadly fires, in incidents that raised doubts about the lack of implementation of safety rules in the country.

Last year, a fire in a bar near Ho Chi Minh City (south) killed 32 people.