The Turkish Armed Forces destroy 31 targets of the terrorist PKK in northern Iraq

The Turkish Armed Forces carried out air operations on September 13 and 15 against PKK terrorist positions in the Gara region of northern Iraq, under the legitimate right of defense arising from Article 51 of the UN Charter.

The Turkish Ministry of Defense announced the destruction of 31 targets belonging to the PKK terrorist organization in air strikes in the Gara region in northern Iraq.

The ministry said in a statement on Saturday that the Turkish Armed Forces carried out air operations on September 13 and 15 against terrorist sites in the Gara region, in accordance with the legitimate right of defense resulting from Article 51 of the United Nations Charter.

She pointed out that during the operations, 31 targets were destroyed, including caves, shelters, dens and warehouses used by the separatist terrorist organization, and it is believed that leading terrorists were there.

The Ministry confirmed that all necessary measures were taken to prevent harm to innocent civilians, friendly elements, and historical, cultural and environmental assets during the raids.

Druze : Walid Jumblatt supports the Syrian Suwayda protests and warns against the “Zionist right”

Paris : Lebanese Druze leader Walid Jumblatt entered the controversy regarding the ongoing protests in the southern Syrian city of Suwayda, when he posted a tweet on the “X” website in support of the protests in the city inhabited by the largest number of the Druze sect in Syria: “The Druze of Syria are like their brothers everywhere. ” Syria, they want freedom and a decent life, away from the tyrannical regime of Bashar al-Assad. The Druze of Suwayda, led by Sheikh Hikmat Al-Hijri, are an integral part of the Syrian people. They want freedom and dignity.” He added: “Extreme caution against the voices of the Zionist right, such as Walid Fares and his group.”

The Lebanese-American writer Walid Fares had published a tweet in which he claimed that there was “a tendency to declare a “Druze free zone” in Suwayda,” referring to “reports about the establishment of an autonomous or local security and political administration.” Fares went further in talking about “the possibility of Suwayda obtaining Al Hurra is in an American “no fly zone”, very high.”

He added that this is “unconfirmed, but the decision is being considered in Washington.”

Fares attached his tweet to a map of Syria bearing red marks for the American Al-Tanf base in eastern Syria, and the occupied Syrian Golan, which is inhabited by Druze Arabs, and which is near the city of Suwayda.

In a subsequent tweet titled “Airport in Suwayda?” Fares said: “If the stage of establishing self-administration in Suwayda is successful, and perhaps broader than that, and launching a zone free of Iranian militias, forbidden to ISIS and others like it, nothing will prevent the opening of an airport linking this free zone in southern Syria with flights to Jordanian airports and Hasakah (when Expanding its runways), and perhaps to Erbil. If a free zone is established in Lebanon, flights may be launched between As-Suwayda Airport, or the wider area in southern Syria, and Hamat and Qlayaat airports.”

Walid Fares’ allegations led to a series of responses, including a tweet by Syrian opposition writer and activist Alia Mansour, saying: “This talk is baseless and only serves the narrative of the Assad regime and Iran.” Anyone who follows what Walid Fares writes knows that he rarely, if ever, gets it right. “I am surprised that some people pass this on as if it were information.”

 Mansour asked: “A Druze free zone? It seems that he also does not listen to what the Syrians say, and what the people of Suwayda say well.”

For his part, former Lebanese MP Wiam Wahhab responded to Jumblatt’s positions in support of the Suwayda movement and Sheikh Al-Aql, who today constitutes a prominent landmark in the protests and the city’s protesters are rallying around him. He said: “O Walid, with love, I tell you, Sheikh Hikmat Al-Hijri is one of the leaders of Suwayda, and Sheikh Aql. We respect and appreciate him, but he is not the leader of As-Suwayda. In As-Suwayda there are other senior sheikhs and leaders, and we stand behind them when they agree on one opinion.” He added: “As for taking positions alone, it is forbidden.” It is noteworthy that many banners were raised in the Suwayda demonstrations mocking the positions of Wiam Wahhab, who is known for his strong support for the Bashar al-Assad regime.

The protests in the Syrian city of Suwayda have been continuing for about a month, and although the city has not stopped having intermittent protests in ten years, this is the first time that they have continued with this momentum, popular support, and the support of two Druze sheikhs.