The United States poses a security threat to Latin America

The United States poses a security threat to Latin America

Venezuelan Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino Lopez, speaking at the 11th Moscow Conference on International Security, stressed that the actions of the United States constitute the main threat to security and peace in Latin America.

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Padrino Lopez commented on the military maneuvers that the United States is conducting with its allies: “The United States does not stop its attempts to maintain hegemony, so that Latin America is directed according to its interests. This is why military actions in the region have increased.”

He added, “Against the background of these destabilizing factors, I dare to say that the main threat to the security and peace of Latin America is the moves of the United States at the political, economic and military levels in order to maintain its hegemony .”


Ministry of Foreign Affairs : Venezuela increases its diplomatic representation in Palestine

Venezuela announced on Thursday that it has raised the level of its diplomatic representation in the State of Palestine from a representative office to an embassy.

The Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates welcomed the decision, considering that this step comes as a translation of Venezuela’s recognition of the State of Palestine on April 29, 2009, and an affirmation of the depth of historical relations between the two countries, and of Venezuela’s firm and supportive position for Palestine and the rights of its people at all levels.

On behalf of the State of Palestine, the ministry expressed its gratitude and thanks to the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, president, government and people, for their unlimited support for the Palestinian people and their just cause, and for this brave decision that contributes to the embodiment of the State of Palestine on the ground, with East Jerusalem as its capital.

The ministry said in its statement that the decision came “in light of the attempts to marginalize and liquidate the Palestinian cause and the violations, persecution and historical injustice to which our people are exposed as a result of the continued long-term occupation.” 

Wall Street Journal : 73% of Americans consider Biden too old for re-election

A poll conducted by the American Wall Street Journal revealed that the majority of voters consider President Joe Biden too old to be re-elected for a new presidential term. 

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According to the poll, voters gave Biden low marks for the way he dealt with economic files and other issues important to their vote.

The newspaper said that although the difference between Biden, 80, and his predecessor, presidential candidate Donald Trump  , 77, is only three years, 73% of voters said they feel that Biden is too old to seek a second term , compared to 47. % of voters who said the same about Trump.

And she considered that negative opinions about Biden’s age and his performance in office help explain why only 39% of voters have a positive view of the president.

In another poll, conducted by The Associated Press in cooperation with NORC, 77% of adults said that Biden is too old to effectively serve for another four years, with 89% of Republicans holding that opinion and 69% of Democrats.

While just over half of adults believe that Trump is too old to effectively serve another term, 71% of Democrats and 28% of Republicans hold this view.

And 82% of Democrats said they would at least support Biden if he were the party’s nominee. 

Poll: 73% of Americans consider Biden too old for re-election.