The US trade deficit increased

The US trade deficit increased

The US trade deficit increased last July by 1.3 billion dollars compared to the data of last June, recording 65 billion dollars.

This came according to a press release issued by the Bureau of Economic Analysis of the US Department of Commerce.

Analysts polled by DailyFX expected the July trade deficit to rise to $68 billion from June’s initial figure of $65.5 billion, which was revised to $63.7 billion.

In July, exports from the United States rose by 1.6%, or by $3.9 billion, to $251.7 billion, while imports rose by 1.7%, or by $5.2 billion, to $316.7 billion. 

Middle East : “Three Arab countries are on the list.” Washington is implementing biological programs in Asia and Africa

The head of the Russian Radiological, Chemical and Biological Defense Forces, Igor Kirillov, stressed that the United States pays special attention to the implementation of its biological programs in the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Africa.

Kennedy Jr.: The establishment of biological laboratories in Ukraine took place within the framework of biological weapons programmes

Kirillov said in a press conference that the Russian side has documented evidence of the participation of the US State Department in implementing the program to enhance biological security since 2016.

He added, “The documents show the US State Department’s active participation in vital programs in foreign countries, as well as Washington’s willingness to use outside contractors to disguise the agents and targets of ongoing research.”

The general stressed that Washington’s interest is focused on the countries of the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Africa, explaining: “Special attention is given to the countries of the Middle East: Iraq, Yemen and Jordan, Southeast Asia: Indonesia and the Philippines, and Africa: Kenya, Morocco and Uganda.”

Earlier, the Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council, Dmitry Medvedev , warned of the emergence of new, artificial viruses, not of natural origin, in the world, stressing that Russia and other countries are closely following what is happening.

Medvedev also recalled Russia’s concerns about  the United States’ military biological activity  in the post-Soviet region, noting that the Pentagon  has established dozens of  specialized biological laboratories and centers  around Russia.

Earlier, the Pentagon issued a report on the biological protection of the United States, and said that the research of some countries, including Russia and China, in the field of biological weapons “represents a threat to American national security.”

In its report, the Pentagon considered China the “greatest challenge” it faces, and also spoke of a “great danger” from Russia, and called for “vigilance against risks” from North Korea, Iran and extremist organizations.

It is noteworthy that last April, the Russian parliamentary committee to investigate the activities of American biological laboratories in Ukraine  submitted its report  , which was issued at the end of a year of work. The report indicated that US biological programs have dual purposes, and can be used for military purposes as well.


Mariusz Blaszczak : Congress approves the sale of 96 Apache helicopters to Poland

Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak announced that the US Congress approved the sale of 96 Apache helicopters, radars and other types of weapons to Poland.

The Polish Minister of Defense wrote on his account “X” (formerly Twitter): “We have obtained approval from the US Congress to sell 96 Apache helicopters to Poland with radars and weapons! Now we begin price negotiations.”

Warsaw had asked Washington earlier to provide it with 96 Apache attack helicopters, and the US State Department confirmed last August that the helicopters could be delivered.

According to the Pentagon, the supply of these helicopters to Poland will not fundamentally disturb the military balance in the European region.


America : Elon Musk sets the date for his fight with Mark Zuckerberg

American billionaire Elon Musk said that his fight with the head of the Meta Foundation, Mark Zuckerberg, may take place after the latter returns from his trip.

Musk had said earlier that Zuckerberg refused to fight him in Italy , and after he withdrew from the fight in the Colosseum, Musk offered to go to Zuckerberg at his home as a “safe place”, and Zuckerberg replied that he was “on a trip.”

Musk had no choice but to write on his page on the site

A number of Italian cities had submitted their nominations to hold the match, against the backdrop of scenes from “ancient Rome,” which Musk himself had previously spoken of. The mayors of Benevento and Taormina, as well as the president of the entire Calabria region, announced their willingness to host the fight. The mayor of Tuscany, Florence, Dario Nardella, also presented a “humanitarian” proposal to hold the match between Musk and Zuckerberg in the form of a “battle of ideas” while discussing the issues of globalization and artificial intelligence.

The Italian Ministry of Culture confirmed earlier that negotiations were underway to hold the match between the two American billionaires, and according to Culture Minister Gennaro Sangiuliano, the fight will not take place in Rome, while Musk said that he spoke with Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni and with Sangiuliano, and agreed with them on an “epic location . ” “To fight.