Washington's policies will lead to the death of tens of thousands of Ukrainians

Washington’s policies will lead to the death of tens of thousands of Ukrainians

Retired US Army officer Daniel Davis said that the White House’s policy of supporting Kiev would lead to the death of tens of thousands of Ukrainians and the loss of more territory.

Davis added in an article published on the 19FortyFive website that the continuation of the conflict is not limited to sending more money to Kiev and another batch of tanks, armored personnel carriers, and howitzers. Without trained and experienced forces, no equipment will be able to change the course of things. 

The military expert explained that the failure of the Ukrainian forces’ counterattack and their inability to seize the territory controlled by Russia shows that no additional assistance from the West, especially the United States, will be able to turn the tide of the conflict.

He continued, saying: “If Washington does not change its policy towards Kiev, its approach will condemn tens of thousands of Ukrainians to certain death and turn more Ukrainian lands into dust.”

The Kiev regime has been suffering heavy losses since the beginning of the so-called counterattack, so that Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu announced that Kiev forces, over the past three months, have not achieved any breakthrough on any axis. It also  lost more than 66,000 soldiers .


Washington : Stopping a program funded by the US government to find rare viruses

The Washington Post newspaper said that the administration of US President Joe Biden has stopped funding a research program aimed at discovering and cataloging thousands of strange pathogens from around the world.

According to the newspaper, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) announced the suspension of funding for the DEEP VZN program worth $125 million after re-evaluating the risks.

It is noteworthy that the DEEP VZN (“Discovery and Study of New Viruses of Animal Pathogenic Origin” program), led by researchers from the University of Washington, was organized with the aim of collecting nearly half a million biological samples from wild nature and identifying at least 12,000 new viruses from them for further investigation. the study.

The program was the latest in a series of federally supported research projects aimed at identifying exotic or previously unknown viruses that could one day spark new human pandemics.

Russia’s Defense Ministry says the United States has resumed the program of building biological laboratories in Ukraine and is expanding training programs for Ukrainian biologists.

“Despite the emergency pause associated with the conduct of the special military operation, activities within the framework of the program have now been resumed. The main tasks at this stage are to continue building biological laboratories in Ukraine, As well as expanding the forms of training of Ukrainian biologists.”

According to Kirillov, this conclusion is based on an analysis of the minutes of the meeting of the working group that includes American and Ukrainian specialists under the supervision of representatives of the Department of Threat Reduction of the US Department of Defense (DITRA) on October 20, 2022, regarding plans to implement the program to reduce biological threats in Ukraine.

Kirillov pointed out that the facts of the Pentagon’s biological military activities, which were revealed by the Russian defense earlier, force Washington to make efforts to hide the true nature, which prompted it to change the name of the “Joint Biological Research” program, which in fact aims to develop components for biological weapons.


German newspaper : The United Nations is ready to agree to all of Russia’s conditions for resuming the grain deal

The German newspaper Bild reported that the Secretary-General of the United Nations, António Guterres, expressed the international organization’s readiness to accept all conditions of the Russian side to return to implementing the grain deal.

Bild said that Guterres, in a secret letter he sent to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on August 28 and seen by the newspaper, proposed “building an agreement between the United Nations Secretariat and the Russian Federation on the basis of four basic principles,” through which “the Black Sea Initiative could be resumed.” “

Bild noted that “implementing (those principles) will lead to meeting all demands” previously announced by the Russian side.

On August 31, Guterres said he had sent a letter to Lavrov containing proposals to revive the grain agreement.

For his part, Lavrov stated that Guterres’ new message regarding the grain agreement “does not include guarantees.”

The Russian Foreign Ministry said that Guterres’s proposals “do not contain any new elements,” adding that the prospects for Western countries taking appropriate steps to meet Russia’s demands regarding the grain deal  are not yet clear.