WhatsApp application provides Apple users with a new way to message their friends!

WhatsApp application provides Apple users with a new way to message their friends!

WhatsApp has launched a new app for Mac, following the successful launch of the messaging app on Windows desktop earlier this year.

Unlike the WhatsApp desktop application, the dedicated application allows you to make calls – whether between two people or in groups.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, the parent company of the “WhatsApp” application, explained: “The launch of a new “WhatsApp” application for the Mac operating system. Group calls of up to 8 people via video and 32 people via audio.

The new app was designed specifically with Mac users in mind, according to WhatsApp.

He explained that the application has been redesigned to be familiar to Mac users, which helps you accomplish more faster when using WhatsApp on a large screen.

Now you can easily share files by dragging and dropping into chat, and you can view more of your chat history.

WhatsApp added: “You can now join a group call after it starts, view your call history, and choose to receive notifications of incoming calls even when the application is closed.”

Fortunately, the new app is designed with privacy in mind, and features end-to-end encryption, just like the mobile app.

WhatsApp explained: “End-to-end encryption ensures that only you and the person you are communicating with can read or listen to what is being sent.”

You can download the new “WhatsApp” application for Mac now from the “WhatsApp” website, and directly from the App Store soon.

The new app comes shortly after WhatsApp announced that you can now send photos in HD quality.

WhatsApp says the new feature is suitable for “special moments that you want friends and family to enjoy with all the little details.”

Digital Russia : A digital twin of man will appear in Russia by 2033

The emergence of a digital model of the living system will allow to calculate the rate of aging of various human organs, predict the development of diseases, and find possible ways to prevent and treat them.

The Russian academician and head of the National Center for Physics and Mathematics, Alexander Sergeyev, announced in an interview with the Russian “TASS” agency that the process of the emergence of a digital twin of the human body with its complete life cycle, which will be able to predict disease infection and provide recommendations to reduce its risks based on calculations, will take about ten years in Russia.

He went on to say: “The preparation of digital twins and digital modeling of the full life cycle of objects or processes has become a necessary element in the development of devices and the organization of production. Digital twins make it possible to simulate the operation of an object, provide monitoring and support for its entire life cycle in order to improve its operation, prevent and detect anomalies. It can The development of digital systems for monitoring non-living devices serves as the basis for the transition to creating digital twins of living systems.”

He explained: “Within ten years and with the condition of progress in the development of computing technologies, we will actually be able to see a digital twin of a person who will give us useful results, and will advise us on measures that must be taken under certain effects so that the biological clock works synchronously for all the organs of our body.”

He pointed out that the goal of the Center for Physics and Mathematics is to form a new model of health care based on preventing diseases, not treating them. This means an individual approach to the patient, diagnosing the development of his diseases and preventing them. This approach requires the active participation of the patient and regular feedback from the clinician.

According to the academic, the digital twin of a person will allow analyzing the state of his health, taking into account the factors of the external and internal environment. Digital twins of some organs in the human body will first appear, and then they will be integrated into a single system. Based on the basic parameters that are entered into the human body, the computing system will calculate how the body ages or reacts to certain factors.

He said: “If the human body faces harsh conditions and the level of stress increases or the environment changes, we will look at what will happen and what must be done to stop the negative impact.”